What is Tooth Decay?

Dental caries commonly referred to as cavity it's a condition that happens after holes are formed during a tooth thanks to the cavity. thanks to cavity person affected by it could lose his teeth. In scientific words, we will say enamel which is that the hard outer layer of teeth, its destruction thanks to bacteria, plaque and other acids causes cavity an individual affected from cavity could face problems like bad breath, difficulty in chewing and in worst cases it results in tooth extraction.

What causes Tooth Decay?

Dental caries or cavity doesn’t only mean cavities. it's a bacteria that affects the outer layer of the teeth called enamel. It causes when food containing carbohydrates, sugar and starch remains in teeth, which turns it to bacteria and later thanks to combination with saliva this acids became plaque which affects enamel of the teeth and decay it. In condition of cavity one should avoid foods like candy, cakes, soda, beverages, breads etc.

What is the treatment of Tooth Decay?

Whenever it involves treatment of cavity it has been better to go to a dentist, he/she will examine you and provides treatment consistent with the condition of the patient. Its treatment depends upon the condition of the tooth and provides you treatment like :

Crowns - just in case of weak teeth or extensive decay your dentist might suggest you for it. Which might be made from gold, resin, high strength porcelain or other materials.
Root canals - when caries reaches to the pulp and you would like to avoid extraction. you'll choose passage , a dentist will replace pulp with filling.
Tooth implant - Sometimes cavity is just too much severe that it's better to get rid of teeth. In such cases, a patient can choose the implant in order that your missed tooth can get replaced.

What are the symptoms of Tooth Decay?

Dental caries also referred to as cavity has no symptoms in beginning, but when it becomes larger you'll feel symptoms like toothache, tooth sensitivity, mild to sharp pain thanks to eating or drinking something cold or hot, pain once you bite some food, black-brown or white staining on any surface of the tooth, bad breath and in some cases an unpleasant taste in mouth could also cause cavity . Which might be caused by bacteria, saliva, acid, food particles, beverages etc.

Is it possible to reverse tooth decay?

There are many process during which you'll reverse cavities naturally by next few procedures like

You need to require care of what you eat - check the food you eat and calculate the quantity of sugar and carbs you intake.

Intake of vitamins - confirm you're getting enough vitamins sort of a , D, E and K.
Intake of minerals - calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
Supplements to support teeth - oral probiotics, collagen, vitamin K2, vitamin D3 etc
Don’t over brush your teeth.
Check for an imbalance of hormones.

What happens if you get tooth decay?

Caries also referred to as decay may be a results of high sugar and carbohydrate food. Which later produced a plaque that affects enamel . It could also cause gum disease or dental abscesses. In a case, If someone is affected by cavity then they might face symptoms like bad breath, grey, brown or black spots on teeth, toothache, sensitivity and bad taste in mouth also . In such situation, one must visit their dentist.

How does one get obviate tooth decay?

Tooth decay is caused by the attack of acids and bacteria on enamel. It might be prevented by stopping the explanation for decay. People affected by cavity must understand the factors of cavities. Which are -

Dry mouth
Medical condition that reduces the quantity of saliva in mouth
Bad oral hygiene of the mouth
Bedtime feeding
Excessive eating of sugary foods etc are few factors are needed to be understood.
If you would like to urge obviate cavity then you ought to got to lookout of all the factors. aside from that, you'll use alternatives which may assist you to urge obviate cavity are -

Use of sugar-free gum.
Intake of vitamin D .
Brush with fluoride toothpaste.
Oil pulling once during a month gives a far better result.
In case of severe condition, you'll take help of dentist who might suggest you few treatments like extractions, crowns, filling, canals etc.


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