Home Doctor Service In Bangladesh

To say home doctor service is a doctor visit service at home on demand would not be wrong. In-home doctor service is a service when the doctor visits you at home when you are unable to or prefer not to visit a doctor personally. To provide convenience and quality medical care from professionals from your area is the sole intention of Priyojon. Priyojon was established with the motive of providing Home Doctor Service in Bangladesh targeting Dhaka city mainly.

Home visit doctors are not some of the latest innovations. They have prevailed long before. And old fashion is coming back due to many reasons. We bring the quickest, most reliable medical service solution to every area in Dhaka. We have a major number of doctors in every part of Dhaka city ready to offer medical care at your home.

How can we help you?

With the advent of technology, medical treatments have seen a lot of improvement. So did convenience in every field. Today you no longer have to visit a clinic when it is not possible, but the doctor comes to your house for your service. Priyojon has tie-ups with the best of the best doctors, health professionals in all fields. No matter which location you are at, we have an association with highly experienced doctors all around Dhaka city and beyond. Our services are known for the value of money. In-home doctors are much more affordable than regular hospital charges.

How long does it take for the doctor to reach your location?

The whole procedure is fully automated with the resources of the top quality. On top of that, we have a team constantly monitoring everything 24/7 to ensure the smooth running of the system. When someone requests our service, a countdown begins instantly. The designated doctor will be at your address within 30 to 60 minutes only. The service recipient will be able to see a live feed of the doctor’s location.

What is the procedure of Priyojon In-home doctor service?

Here are a few simple steps on how you can get a doctor's home visit on demand

  1. We get a request from you. You can request our service using various platforms like mobile apps, website or you can call us directly.
  2. We inquire about the client's address, the patient’s condition.
  3. According to the patient’s condition and requirements, we send a health professional from your nearby area.
  4. With an hour, the designated doctor will reach your home
  5. Be sure to keep the prescriptions ready so that you get the proper diagnosis and treatment.
How can you benefit from the Priyojon Home Doctor Service?

There are ample reasons that should convince you that Home Doctor Service in Bangladesh is a better idea than conventional doctors visit.

No more waiting in Doctor’s chamber

First of all, waiting for your appointment number to come up at the doctor’s chamber takes hours and hours. There is usually a large crowd most of the time. Additionally, there is a possibility of widespread germ infections. You are 100% exposed to bacteria and other diseases around, Especially kids and elderly people are prone to catching the germs and viruses. Age does not matter. It gets more difficult to cure when you are surrounded by unhealthy bacterias. Instead, house call doctor service is a safer option. Home treatments are more comfortable than anything.

It is convenient

What could be more convenient than getting a medical check-up at home? Firstly it is so uncomfortable to go all the way to visit a doctor while you are sick. It is the last thing anyone wants to do. It is hectic while surfing your way through traffic, waiting for your call at the chamber and then coming back. It not only is time-consuming but also hectic. Instead, your doctor could ring the bell at your door. Your doctor could just be one call away. Wherever you are, the doctor will find you. Home doctor’s visit is extremely handy for older people and patients with mobility issues. Going to visit a doctor for them is a bad idea. It could do more harm than good. They can cause injury and accidents. The best you can do is call a doctor to visit you.

Reasonable rate for quality in-home medical care

During an emergency, instead of rushing to a hospital or doctor, just a call could save you ambulance fees and other costs. It saves you money, at the same time in-home medical service provides you with enough attention and better care. You get the care you deserve at home at an affordable rate. It saves time and available all the time It is undeniable that home doctor service saves an ample amount of time. From battling with traffic to waiting for the doctor, all this can be solved just with a call. Be it waiting or the traffic, none of them is pleasant anyway. Most importantly, home medical service is available when doctors are not. For example, no doctor is likely to be present during the holidays, but home doctor service implies 24 hours care. You can get your service on weekends, holidays whenever you need it.

Assures privacy and confidentiality of information

When you access Home visit doctor service from a professional service provider like Priyojon, you can rest assured about privacy. We make sure that the patient’s information remains between you and the doctor. With such confidentiality provided your information remains in safe hands no matter what. Only the doctors involved in the treatment can have access to the necessary information.

Personalized attention

The doctor's home visit in Dhaka has become quite common to the people today. One of the greatest advantages is that it is one to one affair. The doctor can give you undivided attention. This will result in a better understanding of the patient’s nature and better care. Personalized care will help the patient to recover in a shorter time than usual.

Why Priyojon for Home Doctor service?

We are glad to serve you with the best doctors available near you in the comfort of your own homes. Our mission is to provide reliable, timely services for those in need. All of our doctors are a licenced and experienced practitioners who are polite and truly care for making a difference. Do not hesitate to call us if you are in need of the right treatment at home. We follow ethics to achieve our objectives of providing the very best at-home doctor service in Dhaka for our patients.

  • We are a licensed or board-certified service provider
  • We have medical practitioners for your particular medical conditions
  • We make sure to communicate with the doctors who are in charge of you.
What are our Objectives?
  • Excel in specialized medical care supported by qualified doctors throughout Bangladesh
  • Use the newest technology for the benefit of our patients
  • Provide the best qualified medical doctors
  • Excel in service to our patients and doctors


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