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Senior Transportation Service In Bangladesh

Patient Transportation Service

Senior Transportation Service In Bangladesh

Priyojon has started providing senior transportation services in Bangladesh for vulnerable patients who need support. This problem often goes unrecognized but patient transportation service in Bangladesh can make a difference for vulnerable patients. That is why Priyojon care offers Patient transportation service in Dhaka for both emergency and non-emergency cases. 

What is a Senior Transport Service?

Senior Transportation service is a service which provides transportation medium to patients who require special transport service for visiting a medical centre or some other place. Certain permanent and temporary medical conditions prevent many vulnerable patients from going out or travelling. In those situations, they need extra care and supportive transportation means. 
Senior transport service is an important service rendered by Priyojon. All the vehicles we provide are designed for patient’s ease and comfort. We have a wide array of vehicles for different patients conditions. Our service aids the patient in commuting from home to clinics, medical centres. 
Our PTS vehicles and crews are absolutely safe for you or your loved ones. Our representatives and crews have comprehensive knowledge for handling and moving the patients. 

What are the benefits of Priyojon’s Senior Transportation Service?

If you are not yet familiar with the benefits of medical transportation service, here are some of the benefits
Safe and quick
Medical transportation service enables the patient to reach the destination safely and quickly. Our crews consist of highly trained drivers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. Our caring crews always gives priority to patients safety. 
Priyojon, a standard senior transport service provider picks you up and drops you off at your doorstep. We take full responsibility for moving and handling the patient with equipment if needed. 
Peace of Mind
It is a relief to know that your loved one is in safe hands. Transportation service is rendered by someone you can rely on. All of our crews are certified and experienced who know how to handle emergency situations.
Reduced cost
Compared to other transportation available for patients, our service cost is much affordable. We understand that you are already going through a lot. That’s why we render medical transport service at a cost-effective rate. 

Why Use Medical Transportation from Priyojon Care?

We are a professional health care service provider. We work with certified technicians who are expert at their job. We assure you of 100% reliability of our services. When you pre-book a non-emergency medical transport service, we will be there just on time. 

What are the types of Medical Transportation?

Based on the need and booking time, there are two types of senior transport service. One is Emergency and the other one is non-emergency medical transport. 

Emergency Medical Transportation

Emergency medical transportation can benefit you by reaching the nearest clinic around. Priyojon has several medical transportation ready for emergency cases in every area of Dhaka city. 
Basic Life Support ambulances are for patients who need basic medical supplies and medical assistance on board. Our Basic Life Support ambulances are equipped with cardiac monitoring, splints, oxygen tanks etc. 
Our advanced Life Support ambulances are operated by highly skilled paramedics. They assist the patient with medication, monitor vitals, stabilizing etc while in transit. 


Non-emergency medical transportation involves booking transport medium in prior. You need to set a fixed timing for our non-emergency medical transportation. NEMT
Is a transportation service for patients who are not in an emergency and need more than just a taxi service. For example, some might need stretchers or wheelchair for moving. 

What is the booking process for senior transportation at Priyojon?

At Priyojon senior transport service, our job is to match a qualified rider who is available at the scheduled time. We look for the qualified driver and an appropriate vehicle that matches your needs. We ensure that every driver with up to date licence and trained technicians. All in all, we ensure that you get an impeccable, professional service at Priyojon care. So the process takes place in a few steps

The client calls us to schedule a certain type of vehicle for a certain time. You let us know about the pickup location, drop off location, time need etc.
Then our representative contacts the available drivers and vehicles for your transport request.
We make sure to verify the matched driver whether he is qualified for assuring your safety 
Once confirmed, the driver comes to pick you up at the fixed time along with the vehicle.

What you can expect from us?

Visits for doctor’s appointment or clinic does not have to be hectic anymore. You can expect smooth commuting to anywhere you want. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones anymore for going out. To ensure safety and convenience in our patient transport service in Bangladesh is our only motto. 

Priyojon Editorial Team

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