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What Is Long-Term Nursing Care?

Long-term nursing care refers to a range of services provided to individuals who are unable to take care of themselves due to physical or neurological debilitations. These services meet the medical, personal, psychological, nutritional, and safety needs of such patients.

Who Needs Long-Term Nursing Care?

It is a misconception that only the elderly need long-term nursing care. Children and young adults may also need this service depending on their medical condition that has impacted their mobility and general health to the extent that they cannot function without assistance.

There are several situations in which people require constant nursing care and in some cases, their condition may even warrant long-term acute care nursing. This is required when chronic conditions are compounded by serious complications and comorbid conditions leading to a person’s disability. This care may be required for activities of daily living including bathing, using the toilet, shopping, cooking, travelling, etc. Examples of people who can benefit from this care include:

  • The elderly whose movements are restricted. 
  • Somebody who is recovering from serious injuries that have curtailed their movements. 
  • People who are recovering from major surgeries like those for a cardiac arrest, stroke, serious accident, etc. 
  • People who have temporary or permanent disabilities that render them unable to look after themselves. 
  • Have neurological conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety disorders, depression, etc. that impact their ability and safety while doing daily chores. 
  • People who cannot manage their medical requirements properly like have trouble remembering and taking their medicines, cannot travel for their appointments, etc.
What Does Long-Term Nursing Care Include?

Comprehensive long-term nursing care includes all the services that help a patient lead a better, healthier, and more independent life. The services include:

  • Daily activities: Personal in nature, these services include assistance with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, eating, moving about, and any other tasks that help an individual with his daily needs. 
  • Therapies: This service helps in providing therapies to the patient depending on his needs like physical, occupational, or speech therapies. 
  • Using medical equipment: In this, the patient is offered support in learning ways in which she/he can use medical equipment required during the course of his treatment. 
  • Nutritional care: For patients who have been prescribed with special diets, long-term nursing care helps them with the provision of these diets.
Where Is Long-Term Nursing Care Available?

Keeping in mind the prolonged nature of this care, it is generally offered at home by family members or friends who act as unpaid caregivers who may or may not be medically capable and equipped to render this care. These services are also available at hospitals or clinics provided by an experienced and skilled long-term care nurse. 

However, with the availability of creditable service providers like Portea in India, where we offer world-class healthcare facilities, by specialised and experienced staff, right in the comfort of your house, more and more people are opting for long-term nursing care at home. You just have to search for long term care nursing homes near me and use Portea to make an appointment with the best healthcare professionals.

How Can Priyojon Help You?
  • We make healthcare more accessible to you by not only planning your medical needs but also in making them accessible to you. You can recuperate in the comfort of your house and familiar surroundings minus the sterile atmosphere of a hospital. 
  • Our doctors, nurses, and therapists are professional, experienced, and are selected only after rigorous screening processes. 
  • Our nurses and staff specialise in a range of services like care for the elderly, post-surgical care, wound care, providing injections, urine catheterization, and IV infusions, nutritional care, chronic care.
  • A senior doctor who keeps a tab on your medical condition supervises our staff and nurses. 
  • You don’t have to worry about travelling or getting admitted to hospitals for accessing long-term nursing care. We offer 12-hour and 24-hour nursing services. 
  • Our service plans and offerings are customised according to your requirements and budgets. They have been found to be between 20-50 percent cheaper than hospitalization. You can also take support from insurance coverage providers to further mitigate these costs. 
  • Our portal is completely transparent and answers all your questions. You can calculate and even compare costs and determine what works the best for you. 
  • Our nurses and staff advise you on the outlook of your treatment, its continuity, and overall management.


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