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Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy Home Service

Physiotherapy Home Service In Dhaka

Are you looking forward to some post-injury treatment or physiotherapy? Are you having trouble with joint pain or stiff muscles?  Visiting medical centres regularly is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those who want to skip the hassles of visiting clinics regularly, get premium physiotherapy home service in Dhaka from Priyojon.

What is Physiotherapy home service? Why do you need physiotherapy?

Anyone can be affected by injury or illness which hamper the normal movement of some limbs. A physiotherapist helps in restoring the functions and movement of the body through several movements, massages and exercises. 
Physiotherapy home service is same as regular physiotherapy done at home.  A physiotherapist helps you recover from injuries and disabilities such as joint pain, back pain, paralysis, arthritis, etc.  We understand that not everyone can have the time or dedication to visits to medical centres for physiotherapy sessions. Additionally, some patients are too uncomfortable and painful. Which is why you need at home physiotherapy from a reliable service provider like us. 

How does it work?

Physiotherapy home service in Dhaka city rendered by Priyojon is designed to heal patients under the comfortable surrounding of their homes. Any treatment has two aspects/ One is medical another is emotional. 

Healing depends on the emotional aspect as much actual medical treatment. Recovering can only happen when the patient is mentally stable, has emotional support. Home physiotherapy treatment is said to be more effective because it fulfils the essential requirements.  
Firstly, It is the comfort of the home, the familiarity that provides patients with much needed mental support. Secondly, because in-home physiotherapy is one to one treatment. Our physiotherapists will always be providing care and support to the patients.

What do our services include?

Every physiotherapy includes assessing the patient’s condition, diagnosing and developing a customized treatment plan. You get a customised healing plan in-home physiotherapy depending on the patient’s condition and needs. Depending on the problem of the patient, the physiotherapy session usually lasts for an hour. Our expert physiotherapists can provide you with basic to advanced treatment. 
Some of the treatment our doctors render
Neurological - Stroke, Head Injury, Parkinsons Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, post-surgery etc
Neuromusculoskeletal -back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, frozen shoulder etc
Cardiovascular - chronic heart disease, rehabilitation after a heart or arterial Disease
Respiratory - Asthma, Pulmonary rehabilitation; Bronchodilator etc.

How do we proceed with the treatment?

Sometimes life gets in the way or you just want an in-home treatment. Whatever the reason might be, booking a physiotherapist for a home visit does not have to be hard. It is easy, quick and simple with Priyojon Care. 
You call us, letting us know about your requirements, problems.
We find an expert near your location
The physiotherapist visits you within an hour
You give detailed information your physiotherapist
The physiotherapist formulates a care plan after diagnosis. 
You start the therapy session from the day you would like at the time of your choice. 

How you benefit from Priyojon Physiotherapy home service?

Priyojon is committed to serving you with experienced experts to help you recover. We ensure that you get the best of best services so that you can enjoy your treatment at your home. Our experts are specialized in rendering treatment to patients with immobility issues due to man factors.  With our quality service, you will never have to compromise comfort, convenience or privacy ever. 

Experts with knowledge and experience

Priyojon collaborates with many renowned doctors all around Dhaka. A physiotherapist who has an adequate amount of knowledge and experience will treat you in the right approach. He or she will use his/her skills to formulate a holistic plan to help you recover fully. 

The comfort of home speeds up the recovery

This applies to every field including physiotherapy. Every patient wants to remain in the comfort surrounding. Some patients feel hospital sick. Even if you have the best doctors, hospitals, it might not be so effective because of the environment of the hospitals. 

Personalised treatment

Availing physiotherapy home treatment at home gives you more scope of improvement. At hospitals, there are many patients to look after. At home, it is just you and the therapist. The physiotherapist can look more into your problems deeply and take the right actions to heal faster. 

Time management

Not to forget that physiotherapy home service in Dhaka can save you precious time. Regular visits to the clinic take many hours of your time. If anyone has to worry about time is only the physiotherapist who has to reach on time. 

Supervision of family members

Physiotherapy home service also allows the family members to supervise and monitor the progress. Being around the family members contribute to faster healing of the patients. 

Reliable service

Priyojon assures you of providing you with transparent and reliable service. Our only motive is to finding you the right expert match who can offer you the right treatment without visiting a doctor outside. Recover and live pain-free with in-home physiotherapy service from Priyojon Care. 


Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rabeya Afroz Shomi

- Written by the Priyojon Editorial Team

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