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On Demand Medical Equipment rent service in your area


Can you rent medical equipment from Priyojon?

Priyojon offers the latest, newest medical equipment of all kinds. You can rent it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis whatever suits you. We only have the equipment of the best brands in stock. Our aim to to provide aid in the patient’s recovery in-home care by supplying the best equipment. 
If you have a family member who is in need of medical equipment at home, try renting our affordable medical equipment from priyojon.care. Get rental medical equipment at the lowest price in Dhaka.
Or call us to rent your desire equipment and get it from us whenever you need.

What Do Our Services And Equipment Include?

  1. Respiratory Equipment
  2. Oxygen
  3. Home filing systems
  4. Aerosol therapy
  5. Cough assistance devices
  6. Pulse oximetry devices
  7. Suction/tracheostomy machines
  8. Stationary systems
  9. Lightweight, portable systems (for travel)
  10. Sleep Therapy
  11. CPAP devices
  12. Bi-level devices
  13. Mask/supply replenishment
  14. Individualized coaching and adherence programs
  15. Mobility Equipment
  16. Wheelchairs
  17. Bariatric Wheelchair
  18. Electric Wheelchair
  19. Under Seat Alarm
  20. Wheelchair Tray
  21. Foam Cushion
  22. Manual Wheelchair
  23. Shower Wheelchair
  24. Transport Wheelchair
  25. Scooter
  26. Gel Cushion
  27. Roho Cushion
  28. Home Medical Equipment
  29. Ambulatory Aids
  30. Walkers
  31. Canes/Crutches
  32. Bathroom Safety Aids
  33. Grab bars
  34. Elevated toilet seats
  35. Commodes
  36. Bath/shower safety benches
  37. Transfer benches
  38. Rollators
  39. Bed and Bath Equipment
  40. Hospital beds and mattresses
  41. Over-the-bed tables
  42. Bedside commode
  43. Assistive Devices
  44. Compression stocking/sleeve
  45. Burn garments
  46. Lymphedema pump
  47. Orthotic Braces/supports
  48. Lymphedema/edema support.

Priyojon - The Best Medical Supplier Near Your Location

As one of the leading medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh, we recognize our duty to supply professional and efficient equipment. Medical advancement has gifted us health solutions. Our job is to bring them to your home. We aim at making medical equipment accessible for everyone so that everyone can have proper treatments at home. That is why we have brought you a solution to supply you the equipment wherever you are located.

Priyojon Editorial Team

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rabeya Afroz Shomi

- Written by the Priyojon Editorial Team

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