X-ray and ECG At Home In Dhaka

Introducing X-ray and ECG at home in Dhaka. X-ray and ECG at home is one of the most convenient healthcare services received at home. Need an emergency ECG test or X-ray, no need to visit the local lab anymore. We will be there along with machines and equipment. Priyojon is a home health care service provider in Bangladesh associated with the best health professionals. We deliver in-home X-ray and ECG test for patients who are weak or uncomfortable visiting a lab.

About Priyojon X-ray at home service in Dhaka

Priyojon offers the best in-home X-ray test services in Dhaka. We are well known for our professional health professionals and cost-effective services. We have highly trained technicians and professions to provide you with error-free reports. 
Specializing in X-ray, we have cutting edge equipment that includes portable X-ray machine. We assure you to provide the most accurate report within the shortest time possible. 

How do we reach you?

Priyojon Care is a leading name if you are looking for  Portable X-Ray Services at the convenience and comfort of home. Most importantly we know how to tackle the challenges. Other than precise diagnosis, we are ready to take up any challenges. Whether we have to transport the machines through stairs or examine a bedridden patient, we are well prepared for all situations. For every appointment call or click here, it is an opportunity for us to offer you convenience and quick solution. 
Be sure to rely on us on emergency calls. We give the topmost priority for emergency cases. Next time, you need to undertake checkups, you don’t have to visit the lab anymore. We will reach you at the earliest approxymately within two (02) hours.

What is the procedure for in-home X-ray service?

Provided with the digital equipment, you receive an accurate report on your test. This is what you need to do to get our X-ray test services.
Call us on our number, let us know when you are free for undertaking the tests.
We will reach your home by the fixed time
Our technicians conduct the test
You complete the payment process by online or cash on delivery
You receive the report as soon as it is ready.

What does our portable X-ray services include?

Priyojon healthcare provides the following portable X-ray machines for X-ray at home-

  1. digital radiography (DR)
  2. X-ray tubes
  3. Portable x-ray machines
  4. Mobile x-ray units
  5. Radiography machines
  6. Mammography Systems

Our experts can help with the following medical problems

  1. Injury, infection, arthritis, abnormal bone growths 
  2. Bone cancer.
  3. Foreign objects in bones or tissues.
  4. Blood vessels
  5. Breast
  6.  Cavities
  7. Swallowed objects
  8. Alignment and stabilization of bones
  9. Lungs
  10. spine repair/fusion
  11. joint replacement and fracture reductions.
  12. Broken bones and joint abnormalities.
Services Priyojon Brings to you

Priyojon offers X-ray at home service in Dhaka at your location. You let us know what time suits you. Our diagnostic experts will reach on time with the necessary equipment to provide any of the tests at your home. We travel to your home and you get the best quality service.
To summarise, we have the best portable x-ray services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Why? Because our services are reasonably priced, reliable. Providing you medical care, support and convenience are what guide you to improve our performances.
To get X-Ray service at your doorstep please call or click here>>>

How to get this service?

Please call or click here to book X-ray test service at your doorstep.


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