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Sir I have single episode of hypertensio...

Hi, you bp, being normal on administration of anti hypertensive tensive medicines, be continued, further. You need to follow certain natural norms to lower down your bp apart from medication. •go for a walk in the morning to regulate blood circulat more

Dear doctor my 16 year old son a doctor...

Dr. Ali Ahsan

Consultant Preventive Medicine

Talk therapy is the good treatment try to reduce the dosage hypnosis is the better to overcome from hyperactive problem if possible please meet me for free psychotherapy. more

I am having vaginal itching for past two...

Dr.Redwan Zubayar Riad

General physician

Yes. As you know there is confusion in diagnosis. This needs a detailed examination and if required it needs a swab test. To corelate further. more

I am 21 years old girl I have pcos and t...

Dr.Redwan Zubayar Riad

General physician

Most of the medical problems need personally taking detailed medical history and examination with the need for reports sometimes so meet concerned doctor- gynecologist pcod is a disease where there is a hormonal imbalance. Depending on your complaint more
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    Dr. Rabeya Afroz Shomi

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