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Nipple Problems: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects


What is the treatment?

Nipple problems are often caused thanks to some illness and/or irritants that are present within the environment. Such problems can occur in both men and ladies and that they may occur thanks to a spread of causes. a number of the causes which will cause nipple problems include pregnancy, hypothyroidism, ecstasia or widening of the milk ducts, pituitary tumor, injury to the breast tissue, infections, small, noncancerous or benign tumors and Paget’s disease of the breast. an individual may experience unnecessary discharge from the breasts thanks to unusual pressure on his/her chest or thanks to a severe injury. Excessive friction can also cause nipples to become sore, irritated or cracked. Itchiness of the nipples are often caused thanks to variety of reasons. Pregnancy can cause changes in hormone levels, expansion of breasts and increased blood flow to the nipples and this might cause nipple problems in women. an individual also can suffer from nipple or areola dermatitis thanks to eczema or other causes. Breast-feeding women are the foremost vulnerable to eczema. Sometimes the fungus Candida albicans may cause a lady to suffer from a mycosis of the nipples. an individual can also suffer from a condition called jogger’s nipple or runner’s nipple if he/she experiences irritation thanks to clothing rubbing against the nipples during some physical activities. Treating nipple problems involve identification of the cause that's causing the matter . So there are different treatment options.

How is that the treatment done?

A person must take appropriate medications to treat nipple problems thanks to any infection. Nipple problems thanks to a bacterial infection would require treatment with antibiotics. Again, an individual affected by mycosis like candidiasis will need to take an antifungal medicine. an individual affected by nipple problems thanks to the presence of alittle but non-cancerous tumor may require getting to the doctor on a daily basis. Ecstasia or swollen milk ducts usually gets resolved on its own. However, a doctor may surgically remove the swollen milk ducts if an individual suffers from this condition continuously. Nipple problems also can occur thanks to lack of thyroid hormones within the body. Lack of such hormones can cause the traditional balance of chemical reactions to urge upset. However, this condition are often treated with the assistance of a prescription drug which can help to exchange the hormones. Pituitary tumor, which may cause nipple problems, are often treated with the assistance of two medications like bromocriptine and cabergoline. Sometimes radiotherapy can also be necessary to treat such a tumor. an individual may have tumors within the nipple or may have tumors everywhere the breast if she is affected by Paget’s disease of the breast. If the tumors are concentrated only within the nipple, the person would require undergoing surgery to get rid of the areola and nipple and also will need to take radiation treatment. If the tumors are spread everywhere the breast, the person may require undergoing mastectomy to get rid of the whole breast. Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is that the treatment done?) A person who has nipple discharge with none apparent reason I eligible for the treatment. The fluid discharge may appear o be clear, yellow, milky, green or maybe bloody. Other symptoms which will make an individual eligible for treatment are irritation, cracking, bleeding and soreness of the nipples or if the nipples have changed their shape. an individual should be diagnosed by a doctor by be affected by this condition to be eligible for the treatment.

Who isn't eligible for the treatment?

A doctor will enquire about the medications that an individual is on, whether there has been any change within the person’s diet, whether the person is pregnant or if her nipples have gotten irritated thanks to some recent activity before diagnosing her with affected by nipple problems. an individual isn't eligible if a doctor has not diagnosed him to be affected by such. a number of the tests which will help an individual to know whether she is eligible for treatment or not include ductography, skin biopsy, mammogram, MRI scan, hormone test or CT scan

Are there any side effects?

Mammography wont to treat nipple problems exposes an individual to some amount of radiation. So an individual should remember of the side-effects of radiation. an individual generally suffers from acute symptoms during the treatment phase of radiotherapy . However, other side-effects include fatigue, skin reactions and other effects specific to the world under treatment could also be experienced by an individual . Other symptoms of radiotherapy include general weakness and tiredness. Antihistamines, which are wont to treat eczema of the nipples, can have side-effects like drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, restlessness or moodiness, confusion, xerostomia or blurred vision.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Wearing properly fitting clothes while exercising or understanding will help an individual to avoid nipple problems. Women who run or do horseback riding should wear a well-fitted sports bra. Men, who are affected by nipple problems, should wear a cosy undershirt before indulging in physical activities. Applying products to stop chafing can also help to affect nipple problems. it's going to even be beneficial if an individual applies moisturizer to stay the nipples moist.

How long does it fancy recover?

Mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery would require an individual to require every week faraway from active life. It normally takes an individual about 10-14 days to get over the consequences of this surgery . Physical activity should be avoided for a period of about 1 month. The recovery period for an individual affected by nipple problem depends on the explanation for the ailment.

What is the worth of the treatment in India?

Mammoplasty generally costs in between Rs 85000 and Rs 110000. Anti-fungal medications can something in between Rs 640 to Rs 1600. A tablet of cabgolin, that's wont to treat nipple problems thanks to pituitary is approximately Rs 273 per pill. one pill of dostinex which is additionally used for an identical purpose are often purchased for Rs 225. Antibiotics are available within a price range of Rs 10-Rs 40 for one tablet.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

A person may suffer from an injury to his/her chest or breast and this might cause him/her to suffer from nipple problems even then person has undergone treatment for an equivalent . Pregnancy or some infection can also cause an individual to suffer from nipple problem. Thus there's not always a permanent solution.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

A pregnant woman can use her own breast milk to treat sore, cracked, blistering or bleeding nipples. Sore nipples also can be treated by applying a warm compress. Other natural methods that help to treat nipple problems include massaging with oil, use of burn plant , basil leaves and ice. Calendula, tea-tree oil, chamomile and vitamin C also help to affect nipple problems.


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