What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs gradually with different intensity of symptoms. Initially, the body are going to be capable of getting an erection, though the sex desire will start reducing. After a short time , the erection won't remain as long lasting because it was previously. Lastly, the body will become unable to urge an erection in the least.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction’s causes are segregated in two sections as Physical and Psychological Causes.

Physical Causes: In terms of physicality, ED occurs due mainly thanks to a discount in blood flow and vital sign . Conditions like high cholesterol, heart condition , high vital sign and atherosclerosis affects the bloodstream to the penis. Moreover, damaged blood vessels and nerves also cause ED, which happens from disorders like Diabetes.
Psychological Causes: Sexual traumas also occur thanks to Psychological issues. because the arousal initiates from the brain, psychological problems become a serious reason for male erecticle dysfunction . The mental issues like anxiety and depression affect the libido which ends up in ED.

How is male erecticle dysfunction diagnosed?

Doctor diagnose ED with the assistance of some tests, which are as follows:

Physical test: This examination incorporates a look on the penis & testicles along side a check on the feeling of nerves
Blood tests: The biopsy is completed so as to seek out any indications of diabetes, low testosterone levels, coronary illness, and other wellbeing conditions.
Urine tests: almost like the blood tests, pee tests are utilized to look for indications of diabetes and other fundamental wellbeing conditions.
Ultrasound: Ultrasound is typically performed by a specialist. A wandlike gadget (transducer) to offer a rain check on veins that provide the penis. This device makes a video picture from which the specialist checks whether the person features a bloodstream issue.
Psychological exam: during this procedure, the specialist converses with the patient to acknowledge any sign of depression or any psychological glitch that causes ED.

How male erecticle dysfunction treated?

As per the causes and extent of the matter the doctor will recommend a kind of treatment which can include:

Oral medication: Oral medication may include drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, and Levitra. These enhance the gas effect within the body, thus improving blood flow within the penis. The dosage of the medicines will vary from individual to individual. These medicines don't aid in an instantaneous erection, as they aren’t aphrodisiacs. Some sort of sexual stimulation is important to trigger the discharge of gas and cause an erection.
Psychological counselling: it's recommended to men who are affected by stress, anxiety and low self-esteem can also cause ED. Counselling effectively helps men to unravel their psychological state issues and overcome ED.
Muse therapy: A special applicator is employed to insert alittle alprostadil suppository into the penile urethra. this could be inserted into the penis before intercourse. It takes about 10 minutes for the drugs to try to to its work and therefore the erection may last from half-hour to hour .
Testosterone replacement: This treatment is suggested for men that suffer from ED due to low levels of testosterone. The replacement of testosterone is usually done through injection or application of a patch. it's going to even be taken in gel or gum form.
Penis pump: A vacuum erection device is situated just over the penis. The hollow tube is usually battery powered or hand powered. Once the pump is placed it removes the air from inside the device, creating a vacuum that triggers blood flow to the penis leading to an erection. A tension ring is then placed at the penis base to stay the erection in situ . The ring should be removed once intercourse is completed .
Penile implantation: it's done through a surgery during which the implants are located on two sides of a man’s penis. The implants may either be inflatable rods or semi-rigid rods. this type of treatment is extremely rare and is completed only after other sorts of ED treatment have failed.

Who needed treatment for ED?

Erectile dysfunction can affect men at any age. Usually, older men tend to face this problem quite younger men. Men of all age can seek treatment for ED. The treatment for ED generally depends on the diagnosis and can vary from individual to individual.

Who isn't eligible for the treatment?

Depending on the health and certain other factors a doctor will advise a particular sort of treatment to cure ED. While a kind of treatment like oral medication may go for one patient, another may require surgery.

What are the side effects of male erecticle dysfunction treatment?

Treatment for ED is safe, but there could also be few side effects such as:

Oral medication can cause headaches, backache, changes in vision and stomach problems.
Self-injections may result in pain round the area where the needle is injected, bleeding and development of animal tissue round the injected area.
Side effects of muse therapy include slight urethral bleeding, pain and animal tissue formation.
Surgery as a treatment for ED is extremely rare and may cause severe complications like infection.

How long does it fancy recover?

Treatment for ED is usually within the sort of oral medication which must be taken consistent with prescribed guidelines. Recovery after penile surgery takes about 2 to 4 weeks. One can resume sexual intercourse in about 6 weeks’ time. within the case of ED thanks to stress or anxiety, individuals seek psychotherapy and recovery as and once they distress and learn to relax.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

While effects of surgery and penile implants could also be permanent, oral medication must be taken as and when a male who suffers from ED wants to enjoys intercourse.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

A number of other treatment for ED also are available. These include:

Nutritional supplements
Herbal medication
Group therapy.

Is ED reversible?2

The reversibility of male erecticle dysfunction depends on the intensity or the sort of ED an individual is suffering with. Doctors have segregated the ED in two categories, primary ED and secondary ED.

Primary ED may be a condition, where the person was unable to sustain an erection in his entire life. This condition is extremely rare and can’t be cured.
Secondary ED may be a condition during which an individual had functioning erections earlier but now's unable to arouse thanks to some physical and psychological issues. This condition is usually found in many of us . Secondary ED is reversible by treating it with medication or surgery along side an excellent diet and sound lifestyle.

What is the simplest vitamin for erectile dysfunction?

Deficiency of many vitamins causes male erecticle dysfunction . a number of them are as follows:

L-arginine and pycnogenol: These vitamins help in triggering relaxation in arteries and veins and regulating blood flow to the penis for an appropriate erection.
Zinc: Zinc mineral helps in increasing the testosterone hormone level in men’s body and also helps for the treatment of ED Symptoms positively.
DHEA: Many doctors prescribe dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) for ED. DHEA helps in improving male erecticle dysfunction by provocating blood vessels which ends up in increased blood flow.
Vitamin D: during a research, it had been found that men who are deficient of vitamin D have 32 yet one more chance of getting ED than those that aren't deficient.
Flavonoid-rich foods: Foods which are rich in flavonoids also help in reducing male erecticle dysfunction.

What is the simplest natural remedy for erectile dysfunction?

Ginkgo: It expands bloodstream to the penis, which eventually improves sexual want and ED. though, this remedy may build a bleeding issue. For an individual who takes blood thinners or affected by bleeding diseases, it's advised to consult a doctor before using Ginkgo
Ginseng: There are numerous kinds of ginseng accessible within the market. Most of them are considered Helpful for ED. it's advised to require Ginseng during a controlled amount because it also causes sleeping disorder if taken in great quantity .
Yohimbine: the most component of African tree bark, yohimbine is perhaps one among the foremost problematic of all natural remedies for ED. Some research suggests that yohimbine can improve a kind of sexual dysfunction that's linked with a drug wont to treat depression.
Yohimbine: This primary a part of African tree husk is understood to treat depression which is additionally a explanation for male erecticle dysfunction . it's considered the foremost effective remedy for ED.
Horny goat weed: These leaves contain vitamins which enhance sexual performance. Taking this herb in great quantity can cause heart dysfunction.


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