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General Illness Treatment Package

7 Days validity - 1 per day

What is this package about?

Due to hectic and busy work schedules most of the times minor health problems are not taken care of which later can turn into serious complications. Illnesses which are left untreated for a long time can cause hindrance in your active life.


What are the benefits of this package?

This package is available for everyone suffering from general illnesses and is looking for an effective remedy for their ailments.


Salient features of this package:

- Condition of the patient is evaluated

- Package duration is 7 days

- Medical problems are analyzed

- Previous medical reports and current medication is examined

- Detailed online consultation via texts and calls

- Only medical problems are treated


What are the issues solved by the package?

- General health problems

- Untreated health issues


What are the steps of treatment involved in this package?

1. Problems faced by the patient are discussed

2. Previous reports and medication are taken into account

3. Treatment plan is formulated accordingly

4. Medicines are suggested

5. Regular follow up on the progress of treatment


What are the expected outcomes of this package?

- Improved health

- Health problems and illnesses eliminated or reduced


Consultations offered

Video/ Audio Call (10 mins validity Price) 1 No.

7 days validity

Price: Tk 500

Selected Package

General Illness Treatment Package



- -400Tk



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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, a package is a collection of more than 1 consultation for a particular health issue. The consultations can be sought over text, audio or video and there is a certain validity to each package.
For certain health issues such as acne, hairfall, depression, weight loss, sexual health, diabetes, etc..,which take a considerable time to be treated or managed, a single consultation is not enough; one needs to be connected with the doctor/health professional for a longer duration. This is where our multiple consultations help you so that you don't have to start new every single time.
Validity of a package refers to the duration during which you can consult the doctor in the available modes (text/audio/video).