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Oily Hair: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects


What is Oily Hair?

Oily Hair is additionally called as fatty, greasy, oiled, oleaginous, smeary. Greasy hair may be a hair condition which is common in humans, one among four main sorts of hair conditioning normal, greasy, dry and greasy dry. it's primarily caused by build-up of the natural secretion from the sebaceous glands within the scalp and is characterised by the continual development of natural grease on the scalp.A chronic condition of greasy hair may often accompany chronic greasy skin conditions on the face and body and oily skin and acne.Certain factors can cause oily hair, but your care routine can also be responsible . Excess scrubbing during shampooing can irritate the scalp, causing more oil, also as too many washes. Your hair should never be washed quite once each day . If you've got an oily scalp, don’t brush your hair an excessive amount of , as this may distribute the grease throughout your strands. you'll also consider making over your hair care cabinet with styling products that don’t contain lotions and creams.Aside from proper care, diligence within the application of the proper oily hair remedies and products also plays a crucial role. Some believe that frequent shampooing will stimulate the sebum production, but this has no basis in fact; the other is true. Greasy hair should be washed often, i.e. daily if necessary. Every shampoo treatment removes most sebum from the sebaceous glands. Each shampooing removes a touch more sebum (fat) providing the shampoo is massaged into the scalp. The result's clear: Proper care will prevent oily hair

How is that the treatment done?

If regular shampooing doesn’t control oily hair, it's going to be time to think about other causes. this is often especially the case if excess oil is amid dandruff flakes. seborrheic eczema can cause oily hair due to high sebum production. This condition is characterized by yellow, oily patches on the scalp. The oil quickly makes its way from the scalp to your strands. Psoriasis, caused by excess somatic cell turnover, can also cause oily hair if your sebaceous glands overproduce sebum. Unlike seborrheic eczema , psoriasis is red and silvery in appearance. Both conditions may appear as annoying dandruff initially , but is persistent despite shampooing. See your doctor if oily hair is amid any of those signs. Fortunately there are solutions for a way to treat oily hair. A dermatologist will help in serious cases –prescribed medications contain all- trans- retinoic acid or ATRA for brief (a vitamin A related substance), which regulates the sebaceous follicle secretions. However, in most cases special hair care products will make an efficient oily hair treatment. These products will restore the balanced production of oily substances from the sebaceous glands. Seaweed or herbs like horsetail, rosemary, coltsfoot, nettles, chamomile and salvia regulate the sebum production and help get obviate oily hair. Medicinal tar shampoos can also regulate the sebum secretion. Please note: Avoid products containing proteins or lipid-replenishing substances like oils or silicon! They only make a difficult situation worse by weighing the hair down and making it even oilier than before.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

Increased hormones during puberty are often responsible for excess oil within the hair. Considering this fact, handling oily hair during adulthood could also be confusing. However, other sorts of hormone fluctuations can cause oily hair as an adult. contraception pills are a number one cause in women, also as pregnancy. Hormonal issues in both men and ladies can cause excess sebum production within the scalp.Excessive carbohydrate, fat and starch consumption can increase the likelihood of developing greasy hair and also poor personal hygiene and not washing the hair for an extended duration will cause a buildup of sebum within the hair follicles.Hair conditioners can decrease the likelihood of developing greasy hair after shampooing.

Who isn't eligible for the treatment?

The common symptoms of oily hair include ,Excess sebum production which makes the hair heavy, weak and difficult to manage.Formation of greasy dandruff which sticks to the sebum forming a layer on the scalp.Itchiness of the scalp.Hair loss or progressive thinning of hairSo, it's necessary to avoid the proliferation of sebum into scalp to stop the damages to the hair and scalp thanks to the expansion of bacteria and fungi. The excessive sebum blocks the follicle and disturbs the blood circulation, leading to weak hair.If you are doing not face this, then you are doing not have oily hair.

Are there any side effects?

The hair cells are susceptible to permanent damage because the chemicals utilized in the treatment are very strong. this will be injurious as often the chemicals seeps into the body through the scalp. it's going to also prevent the expansion of healthy hair because it damages the roots of the hair permanently.n individual is susceptible to allergies if the merchandise used is inappropriate and therefore the chemicals within the product doesn't suit their hair and scalp. In some cases, if the chemicals are available contact with the skin and scalp, it also can cause rashes. Hence, it's advised to try to to a preliminary test by applying the merchandise on alittle patch of the skin before using it. With the dryness of the hair comes another subsequent problem, dandruff. Excessive aridity of the scalp causes the surplus cells to fall off forming scaly flakes scattered throughout the scalp. It leaves the scalp very itchy and flaky. It can cause hair-fall.If not chosen the proper product during the treatment, It can can cause nausea and dizziness to a private when inhaled. Moreover, the chemicals utilized in the method also can cause irritation to the attention .

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Use shampoos with a translucent appearance and avoid creamy shampoos.Every now then , you ought to remove excessive oil (sebum) from your hair and scalp employing a healing earth cure package. you'll purchase healing earth in drug and chemists’ stores. Healing earth absorbs and binds large amounts of oily substances and is therefore a perfect product for greasy hair.Wash your hair early within the day. Sebaceous glands work particularly hard in the dark . Greasy hair irritates the scalp and renders it particularly sensitive. you ought to avoid adding more stress and thus avoid exposing your hair to predicament and from using the hand blower too frequently. Other unnecessary irritations are tight braids, tight head gear or hats.Use only lukewarm water. predicament stimulates the sebum production.Do not use a hair brush. Brushing will only distribute the sebum during your hair from the roots to their ends. Combing your hair are going to be sufficient.Do not use rinsing agents. Oily hair needs less conditioning than dry hair. the amount one rule is, ‘Less is more!’.

How long does it fancy recover?

It usually depends on the type of treatment opted for.Each treatment has different period for recovery from oily hair. Also, it's advisable to take care of a diet with the proper sort of food and within the correct quantity.Excessive hair wash also can cause hair to be sticky.Hence ,take proper care of the hair pertaining to the right treatment.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results can't be 100% permanent because the factors which cause oily hair will depend upon how well the person maintains it.Factors causing it'll be present.But the person taking the treatment has got to confirm ,he continues to require proper care of hair even after treatment is completed within the manner as prescribed.


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