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Pcos - Symptom, Treatment And Causes


All about PCOS/PCOD

Infertility in women is caused thanks to PCOS. many an time PCOS are genetically inherited from either the mother or father side. PCOS also causes insulin resistance, women with PCOS have a high chance of developing diabetes thanks to the insulin resistance. Other complications that ladies develop thanks to PCOS include apnea , problems with the guts and blood vessels, and uterine cancer. Once a lady goes to a gynaecologist for the treatment of PCOS, she is thoroughly examined and checked for medical record . The gynaecologist will check for details of menstrual cycles and symptoms of excess hair growth, insulin resistance, hormone levels and examination of the pelvis to see for cysts within the ovaries with the assistance of an ultrasound. After a radical diagnosis of the condition, treatment begins. Treatment includes checking the age, symptoms and pregnancy plans of the patient. Treatment for PCOS includes contraception pills which will regulate the periods, ovulation induction, androgen blocking medications, topical anti-hair growth and excess hair growth treatments, treatment for skin problems. Ovulation induction is completed to treat infertility and enable the patient to conceive. The first and main step towards the treatment of PCOS is in reducing weight. A healthy weight is required to bring the hormones into the body to regulate . Eating a correct nutritious diet will enable one to bring weight on top of things . Besides a healthy diet, an individual should specialise in moderate exercise which will enable one to take care of the healthy weight. Dealing with PCOS is stressful and time-consuming. many ladies may have to go to a counsellor to stay depression away.


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